I have been meaning to start this blog for a while but with the crisis currently ongoing in Kenya there’s no time like now

I came home for the holidays and I must admit I got a lot more than I bargained for!Things are very tense and intense.

Much of the country is on fire.
My family on the Eastern side of the city say all they’ve heard for the last two days are gunshots.

Unfortunately its mostly the slums that are affected.
Its so unfortunate that its the poor who are suffering. Westlands is calm and quiet. Yesterday morning people were shopping and sipping coffee at cafes.
After the looting in Kisumu most supermarkets are closed across the country. Uchumi was open and they got overwhelmed by people stocking up. (Hubby and I also stocked up yesterday and the line was crazy long).

The much feared minister for Internal Security Minister Michuki has made a decree: All media houses have been banned from making ‘live’ broadcasts or anything that can considered inciting to the public. Basically an information blackout.

Some of the most relevant information is coming from Al Jazeera, Voice of America, and BBC Africa. Its on Al Jezeera that we heard that Raila, the head of opposition had called for a rally at Uhuru Park to install him as “the people’s president”. The state moved quickly to surround the park with the military and block the gathering. Rioting ensued. Many have died.

The E.U observer team has declared that they are not confident about the results of the presidential results. They have proof that for the results of one constituency announced were 40,000 less than what was announced by the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) in Nairobi. E.U. observers were kicked out of the ECK tallying center with claims that
the were slowing down the tallying process.

It appears the ‘cooking’ of votes was happening at the ECK center. The opposition produced an ECK official to attest to this. With both pieces of proof its hard to deny that something off did not happen.

Regardless, people died in the last two days and will continue to die overnight as the fires keep burning and the riots continue. And tomorrow does not look good either.