ODM winning the speakership of Parliament today is one of the best things to come out of the ongoing crisis in the country. Parliamentarians who have been used to earning salaries for sleeping in the House will now have to work hard for the money as rivalry in Parliament intensifies.

Also, having control of the House now gives Raila an opportunity to prove to Kenyans that he is a man with a plan and a leader capable of bringing the country together. He has incredible opportunity to strengthen the institutions of the country by initiating key reforms within parliament.

I have been skeptical of his leadership in the past and especially his track record in Langata. (Kibera is within his constituency and surely has been the best test case for him to show his ideas on social equality at work yet I must admit i’ve been underwhelmed by his performance there. Sure there is a Kikuyu and Mzungu in charge of well audited CDF but with donors scrambling over themselves to be seen helping in Kibera Raila could have done so much more for the slum dwellers there as their MP!) Now is Raila’s chance to win me over. I want to believe…..