Watching news of all that happened today, the violence, the looting, the shootings I can’t help but wonder what is ODM’s plan?

How is the ongoing violence working for them? What are they trying to force to happen? New elections? Kibaki’s resignation? What exactly?

If Kibaki resigned wouldn’t Kalonzo take over since he is V.P?

Does anyone out there know what the plan is?

I understand the end goal is Raila as president but surely, he must know that if he unseats Kibaki in this this way, that is the way he too will be unseated and that will set a precedent for Kenya and how we unseat our presidents.

Political scientists already tell us that one coup guarantees a second. Just look at West African countries.

Political Scientists also tell us that there are powerful demonstration effects within regions. As in West Africa, if one country falls, it inevitably brings down its neighbours. Kenya has escaped the demonstration effects by a whisker since we are already in a bad neighbourhood. Why are we tempting fate?

Are there seriously NO OTHER WAYS of correcting the wrongs that have been done other than the violence currently rocking the country?

I”m scouring the web trying to understand ODM’s logic. someone please help me!