watching the ongoing mass action makes one thing clear: There are only two tribes in Kenya; the rich and the poor.

the poor are the ones getting shot across the country. They are the ones lining up for food rations and living in makeshift tents.

The rich attempt to group at Hilton, Stanley and Serena. When things get thick they get into their SUVs and return to their villas in leafy surburbs.

Sarit, Westgate and Yaya remain virtually unaffected.

You can’t find a cabbage in Huruma.

In parliament these guys are quite cordial to each other. they have already started receiving their Ksh I million per month. Its not based on hours worked or whether the economy is functioning. Even when the country falls apart, MPs will be the last people to stop receiving a paycheque.

Kenyan youth, wake up you are being used!!!