In a comment someone posted “ODM shot themselves in the foot when they made their “crusade’ a tribal. They’ve lost the moral authority”

I feel strongly about this one so I wanted to respond in a fresh post.

How did ODM make their crusade tribal? What did they do to make it tribal? At the end of the day most ethnic groups united to vote Kibaki out. Not to vote Kikuyus out (that happened latter) but to vote Kibaki and PNU out. It is PNU who made the whole thing tribal by conflating PNU to GEMA. By pulling this move they put all GEMA people at risk for their own benefit. Kiuks need to be revolting against PNU for the damage they have done that will take generations to undo if ever.

From my sense, Raila didn’t tell guys to go kill Kiuks. His attempts to tell them not to were half-assed and weak, but he didn’t, as far as I’ve seen, tell them to go kill Kiuks. If anything, the rioting in Kisumu proves the opposite. Those guys burnt their own city down.

Now Ruto is a big problem. I really see him at the center of the ethnic cleansing in the Rift Valley. If not by commission, by omission. He is the one who has not called off his supporters in the Rift Valley.