I remain completely in admiration of Githongo. One of Kenya’s true patriots!

His take on what has happened in Kenya is incredibly insightful including his belief that the violence in the Rift was premeditated.

I also am fascinated by his definition of ethnicity in contemporary Kenya. He says, “Today, ethnicity in Kenya means politicised kinship more than it does anything else; a kind of overpowering identity informed by grievance, a sense of being wronged, of being under siege”. He further adds that, “Politics caused the violence, and the violence has deepened the politicised ethnicity – but the politics came first”.

Another interesting take on ethnic identity is Kenya comes from one of my favorite writers, Binyavanga Wainaina. I have assigned this essay as the first assignment in my African Politics class.

His recent essay in the New York Times titled “No country for old hatereds” is phenomenal.