Spring is upon us here and the weather is fantastic. The sun is shining and the blooms are blooming and the air is filled with the scent of jasmine.

You’d think that would make me happy but instead, as happens every year, the warm weather is spinning me into misery.

See when the weather gets nice here it reminds me of home and how much I miss being there. It strange that I can tolerate, even enjoy being here when the weather is gloomy and rainy and cold. As soon as it warms up, it triggers this part of my memory associated with being in Kenya and leaves me pining.

And it doesn’t help that I’ve spent the last couple of days listening to Kenyan music.

I’m wrestling with the fact that i’m supposed to bloom where i’m planted. I know it makes no sense to allow myself to be miserable here and not enjoying what life has to offer here. Its a waste not to live in the moment. But the warmer and nicer the weather gets, the more homesick I get.