When I was in Kenya over Dec/January this year I bought what I think might be Nonini’s latest CD; Mwisho wa mawazo which is amazing, fantastic, awesome, and genius.

Usually when you buy a cd you resign yourself to the fact that there will be at most three amazing tracks and the rest will be o.k. if you’re lucky. Not with this cd where each of the songs on the CD is a pleasant surprise. My absolute favorites: Love To Party (Featuring Ngoni),

Being the nerd I am, I was driving home yesterday blaring the music fantasizing about teaching a class on the politics of the lyrics of genge music. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one of the local Kenyan universities would let me teach such a class?!

Highlights would include Nonini’s Ngoma Yako which deals with problems with intellectual property, joblessness, gender relations, lack of opportunity, and overall many of the conditions that have been understood to foment the emergence of Mungiki and other such groups. Other tunes to study would include Kumekucha (Featuring Professor J & Q-Chilla) and its discussion of regional co-operation, and social change with intensifying globalization.

Another giddy purchase in January was Mashifta’s “Mashifta classics”: This cd is an inspired Kenyan hybrid of digable planets and The roots. Particularly the Roots’ things fall apart cd. Mashifta classics is a treasure trove starting with the hit “majambazi” which is so rich in analysis of the youth’s perspective of our ‘system ya majambazi’. Others from this amazing cd include V2 Zinazofanza Uende!? with its disillusionment with current socio/politico/economic Kenyan situation and its offering for Kenyan youth, and magazeti maradio matv with its harsh criticism of our media.

O.k. I’m getting carried away so I’ll stop.

Oh, and yeah, what other CDs should I explore for my dream class?