Since I’ve veered into blogging about my day to day life why not share my angst about dissertating.I’ve spent the last two years picking my nose and not getting this darned dissertation out of the way. But thats not the worst thing. Not only did I not write much, but instead of having fun not writing, I spent the two years feeling guilty for not writing.

What a waste!

Now I’m in the two month stretch home and I just cant’ get myself to write. I have spend all day today staring at the computer feeling like crap about myself for not writing. And not writing.

I hate writing! I don’t understand people who do it passionately. Just like people who love to exercise with a passion. What wierdos! And how can I become like them? đŸ™‚

I wish I could close my eyes and the thing would just write itself. I used to have a life before this whole Ph.D. thing. I used to like myself and be excited about life. Now all my plans for the future are punctuated by this looming weight on my shoulders. I WANT MY LIFE BACK! Just make this thing go away! (sob sob sob)

O.k. now back to not writing and convincing myself that I’m still a good human being despite my failure to be productive today.