I have two passions: Project A, and teaching.

Project A is something I created to give back to young women in Kenya. Its my true calling and what I would do with my life if I won the lottery and could only pursue one of my passions. Unfortunately, its an expensive habit that, while is a major boost for the spirit, its a big drain on the family finances.

My other passion is teaching and here there is wonderful news: Yesterday I accepted an offer for a tenure track Assistant Professorship at a U.S. University!!

I’m beside myself with relief and excitement because I now have a job that will allow me to pursue both of my passions. The academic calendar and my research interests mean I’ll be in Kenya at least a couple of months out of the year from here on out!

On the other hand i must admit that I’m a bit ambivalent about diving head on into U.S academia. Kenya needs my education more than my young American students do. Much as Project A is an attempt to stem it, I am part of the brain drain.

But then again the paycheck and research funding from the teaching job will help me keep paying the bills and tickets to Kenya so I can pursue Project A more….

I know I’m lucky because its not like i hate teaching and I’d only be doing it to support what I’m really passionate about. Which makes me wonder (in the spirit of flipping out over my upcoming 30th birthday):

Do you continue at your job because you’re passionate about it or is it something you do so that you have money to pursue your true passion?