hmmm. been a while since I dusted and tended to things around here blog house of mine.

I’ve been busy handing in the first complete draft of my dissertation and trying to clear the forest that was my back yard so I can plant things for summer. I’ve already planted tomatoes and herbs and have plans for maize, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, as well as fig, persimon, pear, and apple trees. I”ve been such a mkulima over the last few days you wouldn’t think I grew up in the concrete and mabati jungle that is the Eastlands of Nai.

Speaking of which, I get so irritated when people here think all Africans grew up in the wide open savannah and are expert about agriculture and living in the wild. I’m so the opposite!

I’m such a city kid and have no apologies for it. For example I hate camping and all other forms of ‘roughing it’. My idea of adventure is traipsing down Madison Avenue, or Tom Mboya Street, not some bush with spiders and assorted other animals!

Anyway, despite my aversion to the wild, I still love growing plants and the idea that you can feed yourself from your back yard. I think its the sustainability of it thats attractive to me. Same reason I’m an avid recycler, keep two compost heaps, and want solar panels on my roof. I’m passionately about saving the earth from humanity but leaving forests to animals. A tree hugger who doesn’t want to live in a forest. Is that an oxymoron?!