I stumbled on this website a while back and have been thoroughly impressed by the initiative. I subscribed to the mailing list and every once in a while will receive and email with the profile of an amazing Kenyan doing incredible things. Like this week’s profile of Tom Oketch, a peacemaker in Kibera.

According to their website, “In 2007, a group of Kenyans decided to start thinking about ways in which our country’s demi-centenary, in 2013, could be approached. We thought that one of the ways in which it is important to mark Kenya’s 50th Birthday is by telling the inspiring story of Kenyan achievements in the last fifty years. We wanted to celebrate ordinary every-day heroes, in a variety of fields of endeavour who have taught us and challenged us as Kenyans, by their lives. Indeed, we would focus specifically on those Kenyans whose life-spans have mirrored that of this wonderful country of ours: Kenyans born since 1963. We would document these lives through beautiful fine art photographs, and attempt to put down a record of our times through the recounting of these extraordinary and well-lived Kenyan lives in well written socio-biographies by professional writers. This was the idea behind GenerationKenya, the project.”