A short while ago I discovered Jemimah Thiong’o and my life has never been the same since!

I bought her CD Alinitua on the recommendation of the clerk at Kassanga’s (another fine establishment in support of local artists) and just loved it. Track after track is on point!

Then in January I bought her latest CD Imani which is even better than the first. Again every single track is just on point.

I think her music and voice is of a much higher quality than other Kenyan artists who get all the hype. I feel like there is a class background issue and she doesn’t have the kind of people promoting her that match the high quality of her music. I mean with talent like this, she should really be rivaling the international career of an Oliver Mtukudzi…. And while i’m making the Southern African comparisons, I should mention that, to me, her music is reminiscent of South Africa’s Brenda Fassie who I discovered when i lived in Zimbabwe a while back. I think if she got the right kind of people and money behind her, her talent and career could easily rival those Southern African performers.

My four thumbs up songs from the CD Alinitua are mwenye Baraka, Hakuna, and Mipango ya Mungu. And from Imaniare sina chakujivunia, una mbegu, and Niseme nini.

So if you like Brenda Fassie, check out Thiong’o and you won’t be disappointed!

and if you know where I can get her concert schedule let me know!!

Then of course there is the yard stick: Brenda Fassie! Haki I don’t know what Brenda is saying in this song but the Video is amazing in communicating the tension!