So now that my dissertation is turned in and I just have to wait to “defend” it, I’m deciding to turn my focus to taking care of myself. I had put my health on the back burner for so long focusing on just finishing the dissertation. I decided I couldn’t handle the stress of focusing on staying healthy while going through one of the most unhealthy processes known to humanity (dissertating that is).

I’m already a curvy girl and unfortunately I let things go for too long so I’ve lost on the gains (or is it gained on the losses) of a while back and now i’m back to square one. Its really frustrating but I know I can get to where I need to be at since I’ve done it before. Still, I’m scared stiff because I know the hell its going to take for me to get there again.

Today was my first day at the gym. wololoyaye!! Haki my arms are about to fall off me!! I’m so so sore and my knees are like jelly. It was one of those boot camp classes with weights, hundreds of squats (felt like it!), and bending over in compromising positions 🙂 Still, I survived the first sixty minutes.

I find that I do so much better in group excersise classes than working out by myself. I think its because i’m inherently competitive so watching all those skinny toned mamas pumping iron makes me push myself. If its just me at the elliptical I get bored and stop early.

I must admit though I’m shocked by what people chose to wear to the gym. The lady in front of me had on a thong underneath see-thru tights. It made the bending over a little too interesting!

Tomorrow is spinning. With saddle soreness I know that after the session I won’t be able to sit for a good 12 hours 😦

wish me luck!

oh, and I should share spark people, a really cool website that helps you keep track of all your health goals.