I’m almost embarassed to be this excited but the new iphone is almost here!!

I’m a closet techphile and I’ve been waiting for months now to purchase the iphone. I knew the 3G version was on its way so i’ve been biding my time. I stop at the apple store every once in a while to carress one of the old ones knowing that I’m waiting for the perfect moment to cheat on it with the younger version. I even took on an extra teaching assignment to save $ for it since I anticipated it would be more expensive than the current one. Only for Steve to make my day by dropping the price! Woohooo!!

And now that moment is here. July 11th. Unfortunately I’ll be in Kenya then so i’ll have to wait until September to purchase it. Still, I’ve waited for many many months now, September’s not that far away!

By then there should be tons of reviews of it available. But then I wonder if I’ll read the reviews and be tempted to wait for version 3.0 and even more improvements…. Thats the trouble with getting greedy.

lust. pure lust