Warning: Do not read this post if you are the prudish queezy type!

I have a question for all you women out there who have given birth. Its not the kind of question we ladies talk about in polite company but really, I gots to know!

So i’ve been saying I really want a c-section because i’m afraid of giving birth the ‘natural’ way. What i’m really trying to find out about ‘natural’ births is if your ‘down there’, oh heck, your vagina, ever gets tight back again or does it legea legea forever afterwards.

Just how loose do you end up? Yes yes I understand that giving birth is a natural process and your vagina was designed to do just that but c’mon. Passing a 9 pound watermelon through what is usually a tight space has got to do its damage.

I’ve heard of all sorts of vaginal rejuvenation surgeries and i’m wondering if giving birth is the reason women end up wanting/needing them. Yeah, I know, i’m slow…..

And of course that makes me think about female circumcision and kind of how there is some point to stitching things back up to make them taut again. Note. I said kind of and somehow.

Do you ladies out there have some words of wisdom? Also jamaas with wives who are mothers, notice a difference? How much did it affect your sex life?