Its that time of year to again start organizing for my time in Kenya.  The ticket has been bought and friends and relatives alerted.  And again I come up to a familar roadblock; housing.

For all the wonderful things about the city, the Nairobi housing situation really really sucks.  Its virtually impossible to find decently priced furnished apartments available for the short run.  Most things run over 100K a month for a mere one bedroom apartment!  Thats more in rent than an equivalent hotel room out here!

Its amazing to me that for how stiff the demand is, there aren’t more options for consumers.  Its such a ripe business opportunity!

Twice a year I have to pull teeth finding a convenient and safe apartment to rent for a couple of weeks.  I suppose I could stay with family but that would just drive me nuts and especially now that i’m a hormonal wreck!

What do others in the diaspora do for their trips home?

Also, any recommendations for places to stay in the Kilimani, Westlands, Lavington, Riverside areas?  I’m looking for a furnished or semi-furnished studio in a super secure compound.  And i’ve only got two weeks left before departure!  aaarrrgggg!!!!!