I’ve been here a bit over a week now and i’m living it up.

I found the perfect apartment a short walk from both Yaya and Prestige, got my transport situation sorted, and have basically started up my life from where I left in January.

Keeping busy with project A which is at times frustrating, exciting, exhausting, and so so much fun!  The Kenyan work/volunteer ethic can be really challenging when you’re coming from a land of workaholics.  That said, I know if I relax into it, I too appreciate the slower pace of things.

Its really good to be back and to notice all the small changes around the city.  Someone has been on top of this road repair thing which is good to see.  And in general systems seem to be working faster than they have in the past.  Except of course the ID issuing.  I’ve been waiting for a new ID for over 3 years!!

I had also forgotten how slow the internet connection can be though.  I”m yet to purchase the either the Safcom or celtel wireless card.  Peeps out here whats your recommendation?  Safcom or Celtel for internet connectivity?

I can’t wait for the undersea cable to get here! and to see how Telkom’s Orange and Econet change the market.

All said, its WONDERFUL to be back and i’m counting down the years till I relocate here permanently!!

o.k. off to find a wireless card so I don’t have to type up disjointed posts at the cybercafe.