So I absolute love being here.  Every time I land I wonder why i’m not already living here permanently.

But there are still some things that drive me nuts.

Like the maid at the apartment where i’m staying stealing my jewlery including a prized gold and sapphire ring!  And management seemingly uninterested in doing anything about it despite it being them who hired the staff member. (its a furnished and serviced place).  I don’t know what to do.  I’m certain its the maid who stole it.  Can I demand that they compensate me for the loss?

And of course I’m having these debates with myself about not making a big deal of it because the girl lives in Kibera and in the larger scheme of things I have a lot more material possessions than she will ever have access to and that parting with my jewelry is a small price to pay for the place of privilege I occupy in society and especially her certainly underpaid labour cleaning up after me………

Then sometimes I just get mad because its MY stuff and its not fair to steal, and I am already giving back with project A so I am already paying for my privileged place in society……..

probably sounds petty to some but indulge me.  I’m a political scientist and I spend an inordinate ammount of time and brain energy thinking about how my principles and ideas translate into my daily lived experiences…….. whoa i’m rambling. I’ll stop now.

And I know i’m paranoid on this rape thing but I’ve spent the past two days at a really intense conference on sexual violence and i’m up to my ears in thinking about it.

Then this morning I had to take my mom to the police station (long story but my mom is one of those women who will pursue justice avidly and I really admire her for it).  Anyway, there was this young girl who walked in with super red bloodshot eyes to report that she was raped last night by a classmate who tried to choke her to death which is how her eyes got that way.  Taking a brake from a conference on rape and running into a rape victim within minutes is just overwhelming.  I’m about to lose my mind.

I know its because its along my line of work and its what I study so i’m exposed to the topic more than most but still. surely, something needs to change in this society!  Why are people behaving like animals!

Anyway, I’m off my high horse.  Its just that when it comes to sexual violence, my nose is constantly stuck in Kenya’s armpit and I’m not liking the smell at all!

In other news I’ve been driving around the last couple of days and I must say I actually enjoy driving in Nairobi.  Now granted that’s because I’m used to California drivers and California traffic but its actually not that bad and the radio stations are super entertaining!

Back to the daunting task of networking with people working here as Mzee and I try to figure out a soft landing for when we relocate here in a few years.