I’m finally back from an intense five weeks in Kenya. I hardly blogged while there as I had a long list of things to do for project A and barely had any down time.

Sometimes blogging is a bit like taking pictures.  It requires that you stop and disengage from whats going on so you can report on it.  Instead I decided to focus on being present for every moment and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

In the meanwhile i’m trying to get caught up and preparing for the new semester teaching full time.  I’m excited as I get to teach a seminar on the political economy of developing countries!

The pregnancy is going well even though my evening sickness (morning sickness is a joke!) is still with me and the doc seems to think i’ll probably have to deal with it for the rest of the pregnancy.  I’m at 19 weeks today but still not really showing though my clothes don’t fit at the waist anymore.   I can now feel the little munckin moving around in there which is absolutely incredible.  Next week we find out the sex though i’m convinced we’re having a girl.