sorry I gotta bitch.

So there’s this ridiculous expectation that pregnant women glow. I’M NOT GLOWING!

In fact, at the risk of being a ‘bad’ woman,  I’d be hard pressed to say that i’m enjoying being pregnant at all. I’m nauseous all the time, completely exhausted, I feel thoroughly fat and ugly, and the realization that my life will never again be mine and mine alone is dawning on me too fast for comfort.

I must admit I got caught up in the unrealistic expectations. Particularly the ones that tell you that your second trimester is full of energy and radiance.  I”m well in to my second and feel just as crappy as I did in the first.

i’ve never been of the Miss Kenya proportions but the physical changes are happening too fast.  I now don’t have a belly and instead my entire midsection has inflated all around from my boobs down to my knees. I feel more like the Michelin tire blimp….

I know I know it could all be much worse. I could be on strict bedrest and so long as the baby turns out healthy thats what counts, and Its all going to get worse once there is a little wailer attached to my boobs at all times. I know that. But on some days its just hard being pregnant.

I’m sure i’ll be back to my normal cheery self again tomorrow but for today, I just needed to exhale and let it out.

21 weeks knocked up

21 weeks knocked up