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A while back I blogged about how annoyed I was getting by Kenyans’ refusal to recognize that we have very little to claim for Obama’s success and that indeed we were acting like the deadbeat Dad who only returns many years later to claim credit for his son’s success.

I mean, how conveniently we forget that Obama’s Kenyan dad had the nerve to leave the boy at a tender age, and proceeded to start an entirely new family.  We have been so quick to forget that Barack endured having to grow up without his biological father and that there are enough similar stories in the U.S. and in Kenya!

Finally someone else has dared voice the same opinion in a much more public manner. I couldn’t agree more with Edwin Okong’o’s sentiments!

Indeed I think that even as we celebrate Obama’s impending victory (note I said even as, not instead of,) we should take the opportunity to think about how not only our country works as a deadbeat dad to all the brilliant minds and entrepreneurs out there who get screwed by the system and are never able to achieve their potential, but about all the literal deadbeat dads in the country.  Oh yea, and deadbeat moms too.  Because there are plenty of those as well.


I’ve been away from my blog for a while. Just been busy with midterms for my students and some happy gardening.

I had a bumper crop of vegetables this year.  The five tomato plants went absolutely crazy for me as the pictures below show.

the squirrels ate all the maize though 😦  Imagine, not a single cob for Mzee and I

Surely this is a set-up!

I’m watching the vice presidential debates and i’m shocked. I can’t help but think that the Republicans are up to something evil.  Why else would they put on their ticket such an inept woman!??  Is it to prove that women can’t do it?  Surely did McCain fail to find a more qualified woman for his ticket?

At this point i’m even pining for someone like a Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman.  Palin is straight up painful to listen to!!!!

She has such a poor command of english grammar, makes ridiculously circular arguments that make absolutely no sense, and to top it all off, the world finaly deserves a U.S. leader that can actually pronounce the word ‘nuclear’!!!