For the first time in a couple of years Mzee and I are hosting Thankgiving at our place.

I LOVE the holidays and being pregnant this year has given me an excuse not to travel and to instead stay home and go overboard. I’m giddy with excitement and anticipation!

First of we’re feeding 16 people!  Ive been planning for months now and I’m ready with a typed up guest list and menu including two turkeys (hoping I can convince Mzee to give one of them the bikini outfit above), massive quantities of side dishes, four pies and peach cobbler etc.

I can’t wait!!

then the next day it will be time to go out and pick out the family christmas tree.  Mzee have a tradition of going to a farm to cut down our own christmas tree.  He usually goes for a modest size one, I go for the largest in the farm, we argue, then settle on one that just barely fits in the ceiling of our place.  I suspect this year will be no different.

I can’t wait though!!

wooohoooooo!! the holidays are here!!!!