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honestly, I have no good reason for not having have kept this blog up. I love my community here.
Its just that life has been taking over.

I now have two full time jobs and a baby and a hubby. I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, overstretched.

And I keep running into people asking ‘how do you do it all?’

Can I scream that out loud to everyone. To all those women out there who might be tempted to take on the madness of what i’m doing. DON’T!

Its not sustainable in the long run.
The problem is that I don’t know what to drop.

I can’t quit being a mom, though I feel constantly guilty for not spending enough time with baby Barak.
I can’t quit my day job. It pays the bills and honestly, I love it.
And I can’t quit project A after spending the last five years getting it off the ground and on the verge of going big.  And it feeds my soul with joy and wonder.

I feel stuck.
very very stuck.

And I’m not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel which is more scary.

Thats my honest authentic truth at the moment.
i’m still waiting to exhale.