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Oh my my my my.

I’m breathless.

I got sucked in hard!

I just got to the office at 1.30 in the afternoon after spending what was only supposed to be five minutes reading while on my morning loo visit.  Four hours later I had a serious cramp in my legs so I just crawled back in bed and continued reading.  I can’t stop.  I can’t help myself.  Yesterday I went to the library and checked the book and its sequel out.  I thought there is no way I’m going to plough through these in the time I have before they are due.  Well, I’m almost done with the first tome and salivating at the sequel.  I didn’t get to sleep until 4am this morning.

The culprit: Twilight


I first saw the movie on a flight to Kenya this summer and I was completely drawn in.  With reading the book now, I’m officially a Twihard.  Yep, a Twilight diehard

O.k. hurriedly catching up with work thats urgently due so i can run home and read some more.

Whats come over me?!!

Any other fans out there?


I know its a little late in the game but I just discovered Anthony Hamilton, my latest crush.  This is the same Anthony Hamilton of “Charlene” and “Coming from where I’m from” fame.  I always liked those two songs but I wasn’t familiar with the rest of his work.   I bought his relatively unknown (at least to me before this) album “Southern Comfort” and i’m in love.  My favorite track by far: “Don’t say what you won’t do”.  Other favorites are “glad u called”, “never give up”, and “they don’t know”.  Unfortunately i can’t find videos from this album on youtube but to get a taste of his work here is

Sister Big bones (featuring Monique)


and Coming from where i’m from